I must confess I’ve only recently read the details about Cyberlocker. How cunning it is in terms of detecting your country and choosing to encrypt your files or not. What I’ve only just realised is that should it enter your PC by what ever means , it will encrypt not only your main C: drive or equivalent but any attached USB drives. I’ve historically used a USB drive as a simple backup system for the main data on my PC. I leave it powered and connected all of the time my PC is powered on.

Well I’ve now changed my mind about this. In fact the best way to protect one self of course is to back up and then disconnect your USB drive. Friends have been suggesting this for years but it’s just too dam impractical for me. So I’ve bought one of these remote controlled mains sockets. See image below. I can simply now only turn the drive on when I wish to make a backup then quickly turn it off without almost lifting a finger (well apart from pressing the button). These are readily available in the UK for <£7 on the likes of ebay etc. I reckon this is £7 well spent. Of course there are other brands that I’m sure work just as well. If you want to understand more about Cyberlocker there are plenty of good links to explain more about it for example https://goo.gl/oPChrm



I’ve an old Shuttle that I use today for audio CD ripping and backup. Nothing special but it sits in my office next to my hi-fi and just does the job. It’s got a bit noisy so I decided to buy a new silent fan. I selected an 80mm x 80 mm case fan. (Note the standard fans are 25 mm in depth.) Here’s the reference to the one I bought http://goo.gl/S7jaE

I should have checked first! On removing the heat pipe assembly I realized that Shuttle have used a 15 mm to keep space to a maximum. Rather than abandon or look for a silent 15mm fan (not so easy). I decided to proceed and fit the 25mm fan. I did it by simply bending the fan lugs on the heatsink assembly parallel to the main structure. Instead of holding the fan with the screws I simply used four tie wraps. OK, it’s not so elegant but it works. I took the precaution of measusing the temps before and after using the little speedfan app. http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

Well the job is done, and the machine is much quieter. Take care with this sort of modification as it’s quiet easy to damage the computer. Good luck with your upgrade.

(The photos depict the Shuttle PC with the removed fan)