Well the update is I’ve reverted to my old Asus EEE PC 901 for running the server. Whilst successfully installing 7.7.3 on the previously mentioned WD NAS unit I failed to update to a later version of the server. Probably just not a good enough Linux user to sort this out . For ease of install I first tried Windows XP, with little success. I had a number of blocked ports. In spite of contacting Logitech a number of times they failed to offer me any meaningful help. So I decided to go straight to Windows 7 which I  know just works. Unfortunately not such a simple move on the Asus as it needs a drive of at least 16Gb. . I’m indebted to this blog for showing me how to do this:


Do not attempt though unless you are reasonably confident disassembling tightly packed electronics systems. I have to report though for me the results have been extremely successful. Now running 7.9.0 – yyyy of the server. Good luck if you go this route.


Hello Readers, sorry it’s been a bit quiet recently. Just bought a replacement Blu Ray player to replace my trusty Sony S360. I’ve got a much later model now a BDP-S1200. It’s really a cut down machine in many ways , rather flimsy with hardly any interconnects. Still it seems to work. Accept I couldn’t get any sound at of my Blu Ray disks. The reason being these all have 5.1. soundtracks and I’ve only got a stereo channel pre amp. (Audiolab M-DAC to be precise) . Well after downloading the user manual (no longer supplied in paper form). I checked out all the Audio settings. The manual could do with a simple table to simplify things but I did the following:

BD Audio Miix Settings – OFF

Dolby D Compatible Output – OFF

Audio DRC – OFF

Downmix – OFF

Voila , success . I’ve not checked anything else yet but I seem to have audio on playback. Shame that Stereo isn’t the default for us legacy users.

I must say I’m still delighted with most of my results from my Sony RX100 albeit it’s the original model.. There’s a MkIII today , a relative of mine has bought one so may be able to report on it’s capabilities albeit indirect. I must say I struggled with the Macro mode, maybe finger trouble I’m not sure. I also had a few occasions when it seemed to take two shots , not unlike keyboard bounce. To the best of my knowledge I hadn’t enabled burst mode or equivalent. Still on balance a great camera, I’m sticking with mine for a while longer. If you want to see some images take a look at photos on flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/9654511@N08/with/14837928186/ First 50 pictures are taken with the RX100 in Zadar , Croatia

Came to use the remote on one of my Logitech remote controls the other day. To my slight surprise it wouldn’t turn the unit on. Finally got round to checking the batteries. To my horror one of the cells had corroded (Duracell Alkaline type). The contact was a bit messy as a result but managed to clean up fairly easily with some contact cleaner… The message/warning here is don’t leave those remote’s with batteries in. The years can roll by and the cells, even the better ones can corrode! So let that be a warning. Go and check them now or see below (as an example) of what can happen.


Snap 2014-07-28 at 15.09.19

Starting to feel a little ‘old fashioned’ having polled a few of my colleagues recently. Am I the only person that wants to sync my diary from my PC? I guess this is a bit of a hangover for me. So used to this even from my Psion days. Google just sent me an email saying that their ending their free calender sync. application that I’ve enjoyed for a number of years.  I’ve done a bit of on line searching and found this link which seemed pretty useful to me http://goo.gl/jQldds . I’ve gone ahead and installed Outlook4Gmail . Link here: http://goo.gl/Bktzd9 . Can’t really endorse it yet as I’ve only had installed for one day. It seemed to install without problem and has synced my contacts and calender. Cost me just under £15. Check the sync settings though, damn I forgot (as always) and sync’d my Google Contacts to Outlook and added a load of deleted project names. Still that’s life. Happy syncing.

Just picked up a mint example of the Powershot S100. Nice , very compact. I had an S90 some years back but the S100 has moved on a bit. It’s smaller , has a wider lens with 5 times zoom. Takes JPEG & RAW. Not the latest model (that’s the S120)  but still takes a good photograph. The JPEG images look very nice. Not really tried it in low light  that’s where the RX100 trumps most other point and shoot cameras. In truth I’m not expecting the same quality results. Hopefully it’s a nice small camera to carry around. Be aware this model had a lens error problem , if this occurs and it’s not due to damage Canon will repair free of charge.  I reckon a worthy update to my old S90. Lots of reviews around on the web.

Sorry for the radio silence, been pre occupied with a few minor health issues. Chrome has been my favourite browser for some time. I just love the omnibox way of working . But can’t help noticing how slow it seems to be. I’ve started experimenting with some of the supposed faster browsers such as Slimbrowser http://www.slimbrowser.net/en/. In truth it does seem faster for ad hoc browsing , pages seem to render quicker to my eye. OK, it’s just subjective I know but check it out. It’s based on the IE engine so those of you using same may not notice any difference. I guess though it’s stripped down in some way? Let me know what you think. I’m trying a similar exercise on my Android devices (I’ve got 3 now). I’m trying the browser from the people behind Clean Master from Cheetah mobile. It’s fast too, and better for me on my phone. Happy and safe browsing.

Just tried adding CM Browser (Cheetah mobile) to my Google Nexus 7 (original). Said it wasn’t compatible with this model. Guessing that this is because it has Android 4.4.4 , the only device I have at this level?