I’m indebted to help from Cubify support in helping me with this update. I’ve recently acquired a slightly used example of this fine little printer and realised that the firmware was now out dated (2.07) and replaced by 2.08 I understand the last release for this model. I made a foolish mistake regarding the cable . There’s a ‘B’ type socket at the rear of the printer. The user guide shows this but doesn’t make clear the cable type (for me this was missing with my example). You just need a standard ‘A’ to ‘B’ USB cable to carry out the the upgrade.When I ran the configuration program I was presented with the wrong file name. It should be 208.hex. You can get this from Cubify if needed or if you are really stuck I can send my copy. I’m not entirely clear what the benefits are supposed to be as there’s no change log. However other sites report great improvement to the printing. Check this video link for the best explanation. https://goo.gl/J4BXod

Good luck.