Hello Readers, sorry it’s been a bit quiet recently. Just bought a replacement Blu Ray player to replace my trusty Sony S360. I’ve got a much later model now a BDP-S1200. It’s really a cut down machine in many ways , rather flimsy with hardly any interconnects. Still it seems to work. Accept I couldn’t get any sound at of my Blu Ray disks. The reason being these all have 5.1. soundtracks and I’ve only got a stereo channel pre amp. (Audiolab M-DAC to be precise) . Well after downloading the user manual (no longer supplied in paper form). I checked out all the Audio settings. The manual could do with a simple table to simplify things but I did the following:

BD Audio Miix Settings – OFF

Dolby D Compatible Output – OFF

Audio DRC – OFF

Downmix – OFF

Voila , success . I’ve not checked anything else yet but I seem to have audio on playback. Shame that Stereo isn’t the default for us legacy users.