Well the update is I’ve reverted to my old Asus EEE PC 901 for running the server. Whilst successfully installing 7.7.3 on the previously mentioned WD NAS unit I failed to update to a later version of the server. Probably just not a good enough Linux user to sort this out . For ease of install I first tried Windows XP, with little success. I had a number of blocked ports. In spite of contacting Logitech a number of times they failed to offer me any meaningful help. So I decided to go straight to Windows 7 which I  know just works. Unfortunately not such a simple move on the Asus as it needs a drive of at least 16Gb. . I’m indebted to this blog for showing me how to do this:


Do not attempt though unless you are reasonably confident disassembling tightly packed electronics systems. I have to report though for me the results have been extremely successful. Now running 7.9.0 – yyyy of the server. Good luck if you go this route.