Starting to feel a little ‘old fashioned’ having polled a few of my colleagues recently. Am I the only person that wants to sync my diary from my PC? I guess this is a bit of a hangover for me. So used to this even from my Psion days. Google just sent me an email saying that their ending their free calender sync. application that I’ve enjoyed for a number of years.  I’ve done a bit of on line searching and found this link which seemed pretty useful to me . I’ve gone ahead and installed Outlook4Gmail . Link here: . Can’t really endorse it yet as I’ve only had installed for one day. It seemed to install without problem and has synced my contacts and calender. Cost me just under £15. Check the sync settings though, damn I forgot (as always) and sync’d my Google Contacts to Outlook and added a load of deleted project names. Still that’s life. Happy syncing.