Sorry for the radio silence, been pre occupied with a few minor health issues. Chrome has been my favourite browser for some time. I just love the omnibox way of working . But can’t help noticing how slow it seems to be. I’ve started experimenting with some of the supposed faster browsers such as Slimbrowser In truth it does seem faster for ad hoc browsing , pages seem to render quicker to my eye. OK, it’s just subjective I know but check it out. It’s based on the IE engine so those of you using same may not notice any difference. I guess though it’s stripped down in some way? Let me know what you think. I’m trying a similar exercise on my Android devices (I’ve got 3 now). I’m trying the browser from the people behind Clean Master from Cheetah mobile. It’s fast too, and better for me on my phone. Happy and safe browsing.

Just tried adding CM Browser (Cheetah mobile) to my Google Nexus 7 (original). Said it wasn’t compatible with this model. Guessing that this is because it has Android 4.4.4 , the only device I have at this level?