Hot foot from Paris I’ve being trying to upload a few photos to Flickr for friends and family to view. In between some broadband problems I’ve now discovered to my horror the Chrome (Canary build) just doesn’t work for me? OK, my files are quite large (near to 10 MBytes should this matter? What does work is Pale Moon ( Firefox for Windows ). It works seamlessly for uploading. So the trick here is to try another browser before giving up but not ideal I’d admit. In hindsight I’m not clear I like the permissions feature i.e. set friends or family or both to see whatever images you wish. Whilst the feature is great , there’s no ‘at a glance’ feature to let you see what a particular images is too. There’s a risk you might have set the wrong permission and not realise it. I’ve attempted to check the results by creating another user with ‘friend’ only permissions.  I can thus check what’s visible, but this isn’t ideal.

A few images here:

Forgot to mention, Flickr gives you a 1 TByte  of free space for your photos for FREE! (I’m not in any way  connected with Flickr/Yahoo…)