So time to think about cameras eh. Well just had a few enjoyable days in Paris, grabbed close to a thousand shots! Been thinking about a new camera for my wife. Not hugely keen on photography per se but would like to mimic what I can do with my NEX5N or RX100. Namely shooting in low light without flash , say indoors or night time. I’ve indebted to a colleague that alerted me to the Nikon J1 now been offered for a bargain price on ebay say. One inch sensor in a compact body, what more could you want for £150. Still it’s too big for the wife, she wants a really compact camera. I’ve spotted the Olympus XZ-10, read the reviews it looks good for such a small camera, F1.8 lens to boot. Available today at reduced prices… Hope to pick one up soon and give it a try.

April in Paris, pic above taken with my Sony NEX5N. Comments always welcome.