Not  my usual subject area but just thought it worth mentioning. Just helped a colleague install one of these. Nearly put an end to my audio days as I will explain. The manual with the version we had seemed a bit cryptic to my likening. I would have preferred a ‘quick start’ ‘these are the key things to do’  type of approach. As it is you have to painfully work through it without  knowing the critical steps from the less important. Still this is my view of course. After checking out the units as it were on the bench you have to disable the tamper proof feature else you can’t lift it up without the alarm sounding! Suffice to see initial attempts failed and we were subjected to a million db’s at close range. Not really pleased. So here’s the tip/warning. As far as I can see you have to issue two commands. 1st disarm the tamper… 2nd , send a confirm command. Not mentioned in our version of the manual. So now you know. Sleep well….