Just bought one of these fine little radios. It’s been well reviewed , see http://goo.gl/LRvUED for example. For those of you not familiar with this little product it’s a WiFi radio without any controls! It makes use of those 3 axis accelerometer gadgets to detect one of four pre-set radio stations as well as allowing you to adjust the volume by tilting the radio itself. For me so far it’s worked seamlessly. I simply plugged it to Window 7 PC, download the app and started. On first power on (after charging) , it offered me a firmware update which I accepted. I was a little phased by the on screen status of my wireless network as I thought the cross mean’t it was working. I believe the cross is simply there if you wish to remove said network from your list of options. I guess most users though will only have one accessible network.

My only real gripe with this product is the on off switch. See attached photos. A tiny slider which isn’t central to the rear of the product. This means for me , each time I wish to turn it on or off I have to literally pick it up and or grope around. Wouldn’t this have been better it was say a central on off switch or maybe something connected to the speaker grill. Still maybe others don’t mind. I’ve put two of my trusted jazz stations on the first two presets and enjoying the music. Enjoy.ImageImage