I’ve been using this on and off over the last few months in parallel with my Logitech Squeezebox Radio. Why you might ask do I need two radios? Well occasionally the Logitech loses it’s station service, I do mean occasionally but it happens. (As you may know there’s a new ‘one way’ upgrade path for the Logitech HE , see earlier post) When the Logitech drops out we switch to the trusty Pure Evoke. I think I’ve enthused about this in an earlier post. New features that work for me:

At last I can now play music stored as FLAC on my NAS box (WD Mybook Live with a hacked install of the Squeezeboxserver. ) The old Evoke didn’t do this.  Of course it’s got DAB radio to boot , my preferred solution for off air listening. This works well as always. One additional feature that I like is the ability to record straight to a USB memory stick. A shame that the interface is on the back of the radio though. Still it works so shouldn’t grumble. The Evoke F4 comes with a blue tooth dongle that allows wireless streaming from an Android or Iphone but haven’t checked this yet.  It’s not quite as intuitive to use as the Logitech and looks a little out of date display wise. (The Logitech has colour).  To be fair the Evoke does a lot more than the Logitech for a similar price, with a great sound too. Well done Pure.