With help from TimT and a couple of other posts I’ve successfully installed the Logitech Squeezeserver v 7.7.2 on to a WD Live NAS 1T model.

See this article:

http://mrrame.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/how-to-install-logitech-squeezebox.html as a start.

It seems its important to move the cache as instructed as the default may have insufficient space.

OK, now with some help from Western Digital , I realised that the unit doesn’t remain fully in Standby. For some this may not be an issue. Looking at the log files (messages) it can be seen that the unit exits about 8 times during the night. i.e. leaves the standby state and returns to full mains power of 9W of course after 30 minutes it reverts to standby . Now slightly unsure whether I should turn oft the energy save mode so as to avoid unnecessary power cycling.