I’ve been using one of these new fine solid state disks made by Kingston for some months running under Windows 7 x64 as my boot drive.  Throughout this time I’ve been complaining of excessive disk light activity where the PC just freezes and you can’t do a thing for 30+ seconds. I’ve also had Chrome reporting ‘waiting for cache’. One of my earliest actions was to check for new firmware on the Kingston Website. None was shown. This problem has persisted so I  have persevered to find a solution. Last week I put in query in to Kingston as to what I might be doing wrong?  i.e. wrong drivers, settings …. To my surprise they made available to me a revision of firmware 2 releases on from that supplied. This in truth seems to have fixed these issues (dangerous to say!) , but I note the firmware still isn’t shown on their website as far as I can see. Guess it’s still in beta to some extent. The moral of this story is don’t assume there are no product/firmware issues and pursue your issue after checking the basics with the hardware supplier.  It seems to have worked for me.