I’ve been using some Solwise 85Mbs home plugs , providing tricky (WiFi wise) areas of the house with ethernet via the mains. It’s worked non stop for a number of years until the middle of the week ūüė¶ Thanks to a very helpful Steve at Solwise he got my diagnostics up and running. We checked that all plugs had the correct password first of all then got all¬†communicating¬†on the bench. As soon as they were returned to their respective locations around the house they disappeared from the Interllon diagnostic utility. Steve correctly diagnosed by remote that I had a noise generator some where on my mains network. By some¬†elimination¬†and some thinking I’ve homed in on rogue power supply that runs my Squeezebox music server laptop. In truth not an original product but an ‘equivalent’. So up and running again simply by¬†substituting with a known good Asus supply. But nearly a day of time wasted in the process. So there’s the warning , if ¬†all stops don’t necessarily blame the HomePlug unitsf. My thanks to Solwise for some first rate customer support with out of warranty parts!