Well as some of you may know I’ve not been happy with my current Logitech server install. Mainly the power consumption of approx. 35W when listening and my wish to shutdown with the resultant wait for rebooting. After much deliberation I’ve chosen to install Squeezebox under Ubuntu on a second hand Asus eee 900. I’m indebted to TimT’s article for the inspiration and hard work necessary to guide me through this: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=91747

I’ve chosen one of the Atom 1.6GHz examples. Not unlike a Psion 5MX as they have a solid state disk.  I’ve added an external 1 Terabyte hard drive for my music.  There are also 900MHz and 600Mhz variants in the wild. But I’ve measured one of the 600Mhz machines and it idles at 25W so no good at all for this purpose. When not playing the drive spins down, total mains consumption is approx. 10W.  I’ve turned off the display and the wifi to get the computer idle down to around 10/11W 😉

I had a few problems wiping the machine and installing Ubuntu 10.10 (certified for use on the Asus 900A) .  (Thanks also  to NickP for pointers of various types.) I used the following program with an HP usb memory stick to boot and replace the original Asus distro. Also be


Be aware if you choose to use an NFTS disk that 10.10 has a bug and out of the box the NTFS config tool doesn’t work.

Fix here: http://www.ubunturoot.com/2010/11/fix-ntfs-configuration-tool-in-ubuntu.html

Good luck if you choose to go this route.