Logitech have just released a new server version. Once again my Logitech Touch unit oscillates each time I power it on 😦 , downloading the new version then subsequently an earlier version.  This process goes on until one updates the music server to the same level. Evidently this auto update option can be disabled from the server settings menu. But there’s a risk that critical updates would be missed. Annoying at one level although the intention of course is to bring better operation to the users.

My thanks to the folks at Vortexbox for helping me with the upgrade process. Currently there are two routes to upgrading. A manual upgrade via a number of command line instructions. (This upgrade will probably be added to the update GUI by the time your read this) . Or a full Vortexbox V2.0 iso download and fresh install. The latter installs all the latest software in one go including the new Fedora release 16. Take care as the old bios on my Atom PC didn’t work with the new bootloader.  Flashing the bios fixed this issue. A  manual tweak to complete the networking function is also required. See the Vortexbox forum for more information. http://vortexbox.org/forum/ Of course a fresh install means you have to rewrite the music, for me a 6hour operation via my network PC’s.