Prompted by a conversation with a colleague , I set out to scan some old 110 film holiday photos. Simple I thought, just drop the strip into one of the 35 mm film positions. To my amazement it didn’t work. Something to the effect of ‘unrecognizable’ format. So I phoned Canon support and was told: ‘you can’t scan 110 film on the Lid500’. Somewhat frustrated I spent a few minutes thinking, what’s actually stopping this from working I wondered?   I got myself an old unexposed 35mm frame and cut a hole large enough to drop in a 110 frame. It works! So my conclusion the software is looking either for a full frame or maybe the 35mm sprocket holes. Does anybody know? Please refer to the image below:

Unfortunately for me my old negatives are ratter poor. I think a combination of age (25+years), the 110 system itself, the little Pentax 110 I used to take them. Sadly my pictures are too poor to use. But it might just work for you, good luck.