I’ve been using this nearly six months now. So time to gather some of my thoughts. In practice this is still used mostly as a phone with occasional use of other features. These comments relate to my personal experience with the phone. In practice I’ve found using the keyboard rather tricky , a combination of ‘fat’ fingers and getting use to the interface. At a level I miss the real keyboard on my E71. Internet browsing is fantastic , the large screen and fast rendering. But very much dependent on having a strong signal. Not always available in and around London as far as my experience goes. (T-Mobile). I’ve used the Google satellite navigation a couple of times , but found the audio quality from the built in speaker terrible! I’ve checked with another sample in a shop, this appeared to be as poor! Again come back Nokia 😉  Battery life as most readers will know by now requires careful management. A perfect phone ? Well at a level disappointing for me. There are some great features, the ability to download Android apps , is pretty amazing and of course the large screen.  But in some ways  the hardware in my eyes lags behind the Nokia experience.  Would I go back to Nokia ? Well I guess the N8/E7 would have been my choice had the O/S matched the Android offering.

Another small frustration is the lack of a decent , ideally free contact sync program for Outlook. Google have a free calender sync application (http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=89955) but no support for contact syncing other than a rather crude import/export mechanism.

In conclusion, I’d give it 8/10 it’s not a bad phone but just doesn’t tick all the boxes for me.