I never thought I’d go this route , but with Terabyte disk drives below the £40 mark it’s now possible to host a reasonable CD collection on a single computer. It’s then possible to access this from multiple locations within the home. The Logitech Touch units are provide only line level outputs, both analogue and digital. It’s possible to connect a local USB drive, but that doesn’t enable shared networking.  There are alternate versions with built in amplifiers and speakers. As regards backup I’ve installed a second external Terabyte drive on PC used for ripping , so need for fancy RAID solutions at this point.

This has been a fairly big project. I’ve ripped 800+ CD’s to FLAC. Built a dedicated Atom CPU based server, installed two Logitech Duets…. all in the space of a month! Still it’s been worth it. A big thanks first to my cousin Jon for lots of advice and guidance. For those not familiar , I’ve now archived all of my CD’s using the Free Lossless Audio Codec. Used EAC software for the ripping. Assisted by Foobar and it’s download album artwork add on. I’m not 100% complete hence the ‘Part 1’. Great help from Logitech, using Vortexbox software for running the Squeezebox Server. I’ve got some issues though. Not yet able to put the server to sleep and save a bit of power. The Atom motherboard / system idles at about 35W. A bit higher than I might wish to leave running when not listening. So currently looking into this.

More to follow…