Two tasks are currently in hand, one is ripping my CD collection to FLAC. The other is creating a list/database of my physical collection.   In practice I’ve cataloged more than I’ve managed to rip. I thought I’d be clever and use the bar codes present on the sleeve notes. I started playing with the built in bar code reader on my Nokia E71 but with little success. I then moved to, much better but then how to get the CD info quickly on to my PC? I consequently gave up and bought a budget barcode reader with USB  interface. About £20 on ebay. Then the flaw in the plan. In recent years I’ve bout approx. 50%  used CD’s from the likes of Amazon. A large number seem to have a hole punched in the bar code, thus defeating the benefit of having a scanner. Still it’s helped on the new ones, and many of the second hand. I’ve found the quickest way to look up the data is simply to ‘Google’ the returned code. I’ve added  a ‘copy link as text’ add on to Firefox to enable fast copy and paste of the title details often listed as a hyperlink. Now back to the task in hand.