I’ve been searching for an affordable pocket camera that takes pictures that approach my Canon G9 in terms of quality. Not suggesting that the G9 images are the best , but they do set a reasonable standard for a non SLR camera. Small though the G9 is in comparison to an SLR I still find myself hankering for something smaller. Such that I can always have it with me.  The danger here is that (a) one is looking for a camera that doesn’t actually exist today . (b) This can become an expensive pastime as I don’t have a ready supply of alternative cameras to try! I’ve resorted to picking up pristine examples on ebay for example as means of reducing expenditure and disappointment! These consumer cameras have a short life time too, so residualvalues don’t stay high that long.

So armed with this quest. I’ve just been through another ’round’ of review reading  and picked up a clean Canon SD960.

Reviews generally are very favorable. One additional advantage over an above the G9 is that is has 28mm wide angle lens, nice. I must say I’m pretty pleased. It’s basically a G9 in a smaller body (albeit with a smaller sensor). Results for my needs are great and it fits in a standard shirt pocket. HD video to boot.

Disappointments –

  1. No paper manual in the box. I really hate this as there’s no substitute for sitting on a beach or armchair and thumbing through a manual. Trying to read a pdf on a computer isn’t the same in my opinion.
  2. There is little in the way of manual control. I guess if you want this move up to a G9/G11/S90…
  3. Limited zoom, look at the SD980

Overall though a cracking little camera. I must say I think Canon are still up at the top when it comes to these high end ‘point and shoot’ cameras.

I did see these for sale in Argos soon after I bought mine for £150.  But suspect this offer might have ended.

Highly Recommended.