Well I’ve been reminded a few times this week. We’re heading to an FM switch off 😦 Lots of good articles on the web including the Guardian site. 2015 is mooted as the earliest year so I would understand. In spite of owning some four or five DAB devices (including the excellent Evoke Flow) I still find myself listening either to FM or my favorite internet radio station dinnerjazz excursion. http://www.dinnerjazzexcursion.com/ Those with HiFi / Audiophile aspirations are going to be limited when this occurs. Can’t true fully say I’m losing sleep over this but I’m not sure this is positive progress. Perhaps if we had DAB+ (and bandwidths aren’t cut) we’d be in slightly better shape here in the UK? Still that would mean us all rushing out and buying new tuners , great for the manufacturers but not so great for us customers.  I’m not entirely convinced it’s that green either. Most of the DAB radios I’ve seen to date have quiet large power adapters and batteries.  Those digits need a lot of horse power to turn into audio.