Well if you want to see/listen to Chris Botti in Boston , you’ve got to buy a Blu-Ray disk, no standard DVD is available as far as I can see  😦 Same goes for Hit man: David Foster. I’ve just taken the plunge and bought a Sony  BDP-S360 and very fine it seems to be too. Blu-ray disks are region encoded just like standard dvds, regions A, B & C apply where B is europe. I’ve already got a collection of region 1 (US) DVD’s so needed a multi region player. But be aware that high street player sold as ‘multi region’  apply the term only to the standard DVD playback i.e. The Blu-Ray part will only play European blu-ray disks if purchased in Europe. Luckily it seems that the music/concert blu-ray disks are mostly region free. Check this link http://www.blu-ray.com/movies for more details on individual disks.

Happy listening.