Battling a rotten cold tonight, guess it’s that time of year.

Don’t really know what’s happened here but I’ve been struggling to engage the keyboard lock on my recently acquired E71.  (I’ve turned auto locking on but often want an immediate lock. ) It was fine on my earlier E61 & 61i.  A quick look on the web suggests that other people of had similar problems! Any way here’s the correct sequence [thanks to  good colleague at Nokia 😉 ] .  Simply touch the top right soft key (labelled Menu) and then release and touch the bottom left  soft key or Function key. That should do the trick.

New firmware just came available to me on T-Mobile here in the UK.

(300.21.012  18.06.2009 305.05 )

check your firmware version with *#0000#

with the usual caveats of backing up all data first I’ve just upgraded. No immediate observed benefits observed so far, but no problems either. Having said that I’m always being asked to select a network in , many times in a session? Also been playing with the new mini Opera browser, . Thanks to a nice review in PC – Pro magazine.