I’ve had a bad ‘run’ of CD issues recently . My trusty Technics starting acting erratic on one or two cds albeit I found to my horror it was about 8 years old . How time flies! A donated Sony  CDP-XE27 also worked for a while and then got into trouble with one new CD. At first I thought a ‘faulty’ disc but it happily played on three other players around the house. Time to replace with something new I thought.  Luckily !  I’ve a Richer Sounds shop at the end of my road. I picked up the last of the above mentioned CD players for the grand sum of forty pounds.  It’s a discontinued model as far as I can see but if it works? In truth you could buy a cheaper dvd player , but I would like to think that there’s more attention to the audio quality. It sounds detailed to my ears any way.

It happens I’ve already a pair of Tangent loudspeakers so this should fit nicely. A peak inside (there was a loose screw !) reveals a tidy construction with fibre glass pcb assemblies. Found a review here , note the original review price. Grab a bargain whilst you can would be my advise.