Just deployed some power over ethernet technology here in the home . ( Playing with a video IP camera at the moment but that’s another article. ) I’ve changed over my son’s PC and it seemed more convenient to employ a pair of Solwise Home Plug devices in order to provide internet/network connectivity. What I stumbled into (many of you may already know especially if you’ve read the manual)  is that these devices seem very sensitive to mains impedance. By that I mean the any ‘resistance’ to a good  mains  connection. In practice this means avoid plugging these devices into extension leads, particularly ones fitted with suppression technology. Also avoid master/slave socket energy socket technology. I’ve improved the link from 30Mb/s to 40Mb/s (only 11Mb/s when I first installed! ) just by plugging the pair straight into the wall sockets and hence eliminating any in-line extension sockets. A simple bit of advice that can make a huge difference.

The down side to this advice is that I can’t use my fine OneClick to turn off the homeplug when the PC is powered down. Still the performance gain is worth it.

For general detail on the HomePlug Alliance see : http://www.homeplug.org/home