At last my contract has come up for renewal and I’ve acquired a nice
shiny Nokia E71. Immediate impressions, feels solid and well built.
Keys for my fingers are just manageable any smaller and it would be no
good. The phone seems to work well, I’ve taken a few shots with the
camera. Pictures are OK, truthfully I don’t think it’s  that good but great to have in such a
small package. Fired up my normal Gmail app , had a few issues with
changing case? An informed colleague recommend Nokia Messaging to me as a
probable superior messaging suite that uses your phones contacts. It
can be downloaded with this link:

But take care it doesn’t cost you additional money on your contract.
I’ll probably stick with the Gmail application for today. Bought myself
a screen protector on ebay. Dropped the first one straight on to the
carpet but the second went on without  a hitch!

Also installed the free scientific calculator, courtesy of Nokia
This never worked for me on the E61i but seems to be fine on the E71

A bit annoying that the dedicated contacts key has shifted sides (from
my earlier E61i) but no doubt I’ll quickly get used to it. Nice having
an FM radio, really missed that when I moved to the smart phones from
my Walkman phones. Shame it needs an adaptor though if you wish to use
it with existing headphones. Still the supplied Nokia set sounded just
fine to me.

Overall an impressive package. I’m afraid I’ll have to hang on to my
digital cameras for a bit longer though! Highly recommended never the

Nokia E71

Nokia E71