I’ve recently assisted a colleague by resurrecting a relatively ancient film scanner. Specifically an Epson Filmscan 200 film scanner. The last published drivers were for Windows 95/98 and my colleague only had an old ISA SCSI card. I obtain an Adaptec 21960N PCI card and a 50HD way to Centronics cable off Ebay for the grand sum of £20. We then added the well regarded program Vuescan http://www.hamrick.com/ .  It’s running under XP , (XP provided a default driver) and results to my eyes appear surprisingly good in spite of the modest 1200dpi native scanning capability.  (Although in truth my colleague has a problem, the first scanned negative is always at the wrong resolution?)

Enthused by this process I’ve obtained a Canon Lide500F scanner. Not as elegant as the Epson but a little more up tod date. Simply plug in  to USB and run the supplied toolbox software. I’m using PaintShop Pro 4.15SE to save acquire and save the images.   Results are again surprisingly good. Well good enough me to revisit some of my negatives that hold sentimental value. It’s much slower than the epson as each frame has to be scanned individually. (The Espon can automatically scan 6 slides or negatives by itself). Sample image from my Canon below. Happy Scanning !

Hong Kong Harbour