A good friend keeps reminding  me of NXT loudspeakers and their success stories. Yet when I look at what’s happened they seem to have ‘missed the spot’ at a level! My informed guess/opinion is that for many applications their intrinsic benefits i.e.  ‘ being flat just  isn’t enough to win design ins  i.e. for many applications a conventional moving coil loudspeaker does the job presumably as well (if not better?) for less money. Therefore NXT  only ‘win’s when size alone is critical,  say in the case of turning the display of  a mobile phone into a loudpspeaker. But even this application seems to have had limited success? I presume that in absolute fidelity terms the NXT solution doesn’t count for HiFi so has also missed the traditional 2 channel stereo market. Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Let me know what you think.