Just idly browsing , discovered there’s new firmware available if you wish to check out some beta firmware. Just go to http://www.reciva.com and register your radio. Tick the ‘beta’ software. Looks like you have to wait overnight to be offered the upgrade. My main enthusiasm for trying this was to see if it sorts out my security issues i.e. neither my Logik IRMA1 or IR100 work reliably since I’ve moved to WPA.  Sadly the new firmware hasn’t addressed this. But just found a thread on the Reciva forum that tells me it’s a function of the wifi dongle used within the radio. I guess that explains things. See this thread: https://www.reciva.com/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=108&func=view&id=8974&catid=3

Good luck with the firmware. 

As I by product of registering , I’ve only just realised you can ‘switch on’ meta data if available. An excellent feature. Hopefully Pure will add this soon to their Evoke and Avanti products. The one thing missing on my Evoke Flow 😦 Still the Evoke Flow has no problems at all with my WPA security. Clearly a benefit of a more recent design.

Update: I’ve still not been able to get the WPA security to work in conjunction with my Zyxel P-336M router. I’ve also tried a Netgeat WGM124 with similar experiences. I fear this is down to the driver/inbuilt dongle within the radio. Best/up to date advice can be found on this site: http://logikir100.tripod.com/Logik.htm