I’ve played with a fair few digital compact cameras in the last few year or two. I must say the little Sony W170 has  impressed me the most.  I’ve convinced myself that I deserve perhaps  the best compact camera on the market today and have treated myself to a Canon G9 😉  In truth it’s not truly compact say like the W170. But it’s small and capable I hope. Certainly good enough to get a decent image every time no matter what the circumstances. I’m sure it’s not as good a DSLR but it’s certainly more convenient to manager say on a day trip or a holiday.

I probably don’t/can’t add anything new to the multitude of reviews that already exist on the web. A couple of niggles though, no printed manual or wrist strap included in the box!  For £300+ you’d think these might be included. A colleague came to the rescue and printed the US manual for me.  Available on line here: http://personafile.com/Canon-Camera-Powershot-G9-12.1-Megapixel-6.0x-Zoom-P013803002107.htm

Be warned though the manual refers to a HD video capture mode, that doesn’t exist on my UK camera.

Results are very good, although not had the time or opportunity to put it through it’s paces. Although the G10 is avaialble for me I prefer the 6X telephoto range , although the wider angle 28mm would have been nice. Generally it’s pretty simple to use, a bit like a big Ixus.

Bought myself a spare battery from 7 day shop:


Some what cheaper than the Canon unit.

I’ll put a few pics up when I get time.