Well thanks to Currys price drive and then John Lewis 😉 I’ve finally got hold of a modern HD tv.  I must say It’s been a long time coming but the wait was worth it.

I’ve wanted this mainly for DVD watching, less so off air TV. I had some reservations about buying plasma. The world seems to be going LCD and soon no doubt OLED if the life time issues are resolved. At a level I’ve been more concerned about power consumption and mechanical noise. The earlier models had fans, latest generation quote life times of 100,000 hours. Studying the data suggests that the current generation of  display using only fractionally more power than the equivalent size LCD. For my money though the picture quality is better. Whether that’s the 100Hz inherent with Plasma, or the display technology I’m not 100% sure. The result is a pretty damn good picture to my eyes.  I have to say I caught a bit of the BBC Proms on standard Freeview and I was really impressed. That’s saying something!

I would say that the sound quality is slightly less impressive. To my ears it’s a bit muddy. Not as good as our old Panasonic CRT. To boot, I’ve detected a bit of resonance on some voices. Still Panasonic are going to check this out promptly **. In conclusion with current sales and price drops a stunning piece of equipment that’s now available in the UK for less than £600.

** Follow up – I’ve now had the set replaced. There’s still some tendency for audio sibilance with some voices. I’ve decided to cut my lossess and abandon the use of the internal speakers. I’m now using my external 2 channel stereo fed via the line out from the TV. I’m somewhat frustrated to find that there’s no way to disable the speakers or provide a variable audio feed from the TV. I’ve partially solved this by purchasing a budget ‘learning’ remote by Hibaba . Set up to operate both the amplifier and change channels on the TV 🙂  No doubt other learning remotes would perform the same function.