Just taken our short summer vacation in Crete . This time round we ‘bust’ the bank and took a day trip to Santorini. I must say it was worth though. The island is breathtaking and exceeded my expectations in terms of scenery. The day excursion included a trip by boat to the still active volcano and a chance to swim for those that are good enough. (For travel from Crete check here: http://www.cretetravel.com/To_and_from_Crete/Ferries_Crete_Santorini.htm)

But back to the camera. A recent purchase to check out the Carl Zeis 5x zoom/28 mm plus 10 Megapixel capability. My goal was to find a truly compact camera. The Sony certainly meets this and can fit comfortably in a shirt pocket. Pretty impressive! I managed around 230 shots including a short video clip or two on a single charge on the Santorini visit. I liked the overall feel of the camera particularly – No dials/buttons that dislodged, a common gripe for me when putting the camera into say a small case. I also liked the integrated lens cover. With regard to the overall results I’d say I was slightly disappointed. Perhaps the images aren’t vivid enough.  On balance though, it’s a nice package. It worked every time, I lost only a couple of shots out of 600+. I’d say recommended (speaking as an amateur) rather than outstanding.

** Update, I’ve had a couple of large 12 x 16 inch prints made and would say that the results are very good. Perhaps I was a little harsh in my earlier comments. Still you can see a bit of lens distortion/fall off in some areas of the print. Overall good value for money.


What I liked:

-Very compact

-Carl Zeiss 5 times optical zoom starting at 28mm

-Fast focus

-Nice LCD

-Optical Viewfinder albeit very small

What I disliked:

-Picture quality appeared OK as opposed to excellent. For small prints my Fuji F20 is probably as good if not better in absolute quality?

-Shutting down seemed to take a long time

-Digital zoom only available with 5 mega pixel images as opposed to 10 (max. size)

Comprehensive review can be found here on Imaging Resource: