I’ve mentioned Internet Radio to a few people recently and been greeted with an element of uncertainty and ignorance to some extent. What’s it’s all about and why should I bother I hear you asking? Well for a start there are literally thousands of stations covering all genre’s. You can listen in almost any language and any category form jazz to … well anything really. What do you need? Well you can buy a dedicated radio like the Logik unit I’ve reviewed on my blog. Or you can use a PC with a piece of software such as MediaMonkey. http://www.mediamonkey.com/download/ Other things you’ll need are a broadband connection and a wireless access point/router if your using a radio such as the logik or equivalent. You’ll also need to check your download limits as all the time your listening you will be using your broadband download quota.  The best stations broadcast? at 128Kb/s or above which is similar to DAB. Here’s a good site to view the technical details and find links to other internet radio manufacturures. Happy listening 🙂