Decided to get myself equipped for ’email on the move’ and have picked up a E61 secondhand now prices have fallen. (Presumably a result of it’s replacement the E61i.) The phone is a real ‘tour de force’ sporting a quad band gsm/3g/wlan/bluetooth/usb… feature set. I’ve historically been a ‘two device’ person, using a PDA and a phone. But it’s nice having email on the phone as well as the ability to type using a qwerty keyboard. Be aware though that the keys are very small , so no long documents! The phone of course sports a Symbian o/s a follow on from the Psion EPOC world. So some familiarity there as I’m an ex. Psion user.
One current issue is that I can’t get the ‘Data Transfer’ mode to work reliably. Looking on the forums I’ve seen other difficulties. But synchronization of my contacts and diary worked without problem. I’ve also undated the firmware using the ‘Nokia Updater service’ this seemed to work without problem.

In conclusion a great package with the proviso of the small keys. Other small gripes are the lack of a radio and to a lesser extent a camera. (The E61i has added a 2 mega pixel camera.)