Mindful of ‘thejazz’ DAB station closure at the end of the month, I’ve picked up an Internet radio to add to my office hi-fi. I can listen to some jazz without needing to power up a complete PC system. This is a Wi-Fi enabled Internet radio and assumes you have you’re own wireless network. There’s no inbuilt speaker only headphone and line out sockets. Albeit it is stereo. You can also access music stored on a networked drive. The radio station list is maintained via the www.reciva.com site , the people behind the core internet radio inside.

I had it working within about 10 minutes from unpacking. Setting a WEP/WPA is a bit of a pain without a numeric keypad. But once it’s done that’s it. The buttons on the main unit are a bit heavy to push, using the small remote is easier. Sound seems fine , no hum or noise as far as I can tell. One small detail the station preset doesn’t seem to work for me? According to the configuration option there’s new firmware available, might be worth an upgrade! Amazing , a complete ARM processor/Linux/Wifi reciever all for about £40.

For the energy conscious it consumes appox. 6W according to my Maplin Power meter.

Be Awarel – I’ve now had this running a few days and have seen/heard a few drop outs as a result of ‘re buffering’ as shown on my radio.  My guess is that this is a QOS/Wifi issue. The radio is indicating 83% on it’s wifi signal strength indicator. I’ve no means of controlling the QOS on my router, perhaps that’s where the issue is? Comments welcome.