Well as per my earlier article I’ve now got myself a Fuji F20. Model number wise it’s a bit confusing, it’s really a poor man’s F30 rather than a direct replacement for my earlier F10. Still it has the same lens and pixel count as the F10. I’ve taken a few pictures and like the F10 results seem more than adequate. A few pictures taken at IS0 1600 are pretty fine. Differences between the F10: One key difference is that the battery is nearly half the capacity of the earlier model 1100mAh instead of 1950 mAh , the latter good for 500 shots according to the reviews. The upside is the F20 feels/is slightly less boxy. Quite a difference so take care, latest isn’t always best.

One new feature/benefit is the loss of the small interface box, AV or USB cables now plug straight into the camera. However charging is still carried out with the battery inside the camera. Functionally the cameras appear similar, a few extra scene modes have been added. One specifically worth mentioning is the ability to take two images with a single press of the shutter button. One using natural light alone and immediately following with the addition of flash. You choose the best shot šŸ˜‰ Another enhancement is Auto ISO1600 or 400 , i.e. the ability to take photos up to these maximum ISO speeds.