Just got myself a new phone, a SE K810i. I’ve been using a Sony Ericsson W810i and thought I’d keep it all simple by sticking with the same brand and family. Plugging in my shiny new K810i I assuming that the phone would just sync to my PC without any effort. No such luck! Well in truth ‘Contacts’ synced perfectly with Outlook but for some reason all I got with the Calender were PC Suite error messages. By my own efforts I got rid of the error messages by removing redundant drivers for the old phone. But still no Calender sync. Sony Ericsson’s support email came to the rescue. I had to remove the PC suite and then run the repair utility within Outlook. This seemed to reset all my data, which I duly re imported. Re installed the PC Suite and all is well, Contacts and Calender now sync without apparent problem.

A small black mark to T-Mobile for shipping an older version (than that available on the web) of PC Suite. I know this is common, but I wasted a good half hour removing and reinstalling having realised I was using an older version than previously installed.

Update – Jan’ 2008

I’ve now spoken with a representative at Sony Ericsson. He kindly picked up that I’m using the Win2000/XP version of PC Suite and not the XP/Vista version which he advised me to move to. I’ve now installed and at first glance appears more robust. Not spotted though in 3 previous emails to Sony Ericsson!

Also if your running Active Sync as well (as I am) disabling when syncing with the phone seems to be the final cure. Lets hope that’s the only other issue!