My trusty Epson 600 finally gave up a few weeks ago. Repeated attempts to renovate the black ink failed. I tried multiple ‘head cleans’ in the maintenance section. Even tried squirting isopropyl alcohol where the cartridge mates. It’s worked for me in the past but failed this time. Two generous printer donations (both Espon as it happens) failed to turn into a working printer despite many hours of cleaning cycles, syringing etc. So after a number of frustrating hours I’ve gone out and got another small Canon printer , an IP3300 to be precise. Chosen on the basis of:

a) good review in the recent Pc Pro magazine comparison:

b) The price of replacement inks seems relatively sane compared to other printers at this price point. In fact some of the cheapest printers use the most expensive inks. So beware and check first.

c) I’ve had a Canon i560 for around 2/3 years now and have been more than impressed with it’s low running costs and absence of issues.

The printer is available from ebuyer here in the UK.

Happy printing…