I went to a fascinating talk last night about Assisted GPS as used in Location Bases Services on mobile phones. Japan has taken this on board and today has a few million subscribers paying for these services, helping navigate, find points of interest , monitoring children’s whereabouts via specially designed phones targeted at youngsters. The operators have greater control/say of the products in Japan and specify exactly what they want. They work ‘hand in glove’ with the content providers to produce advanced services. It’s not clear that this will take off in Europe in exactly the same way. The key question is whether people will pay for the services? AGPS uses cell/network information to enhance the effective speed of operation of the GPS service. In practice limited position information can be made available even in the absence of a satellite, say when in a building.

To obtain the LBS presentation simply go to the site www.i-report.biz and search for the term “location” you will then be able to download it free of charge.