My last distribution got wiped in my reported disk crash. Armed with a fresh hard disk I thought I’d reinstall. Favorable comments about PCLinux ( prompted me to try something other than SimplyMepis. I installed and was immediately impressed with the fast boot time. But something appears to have gone wrong during the installation process. Access to my CD/DVD device caused a system reboot which obviously isn’t correct. Disappointed I’ve reinstated SimplyMepis which just seems to work. (Version 6.5) . I’ve even managed to get some form of printing via my Canon/Windows share. Might try the PCLinux again at some point as I’d like to give it a fair trial. Perhaps I selected a wrong option during the install process? Note that both of the aforementioned distributions are of the ‘Live’ type. This means you can load and run without making any changes to your existing installation. A quick and useful way of exploring their respective capabilities.

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