Well after much debate I’ve gone and got myself Vista. Turned my Shuttle into a dual boot machine as I need to keep a foot in both the XP camp as well as the new Vista world! The process itself went reasonably smoothly. Having said that the Gnome Partition Editor didn’t work for me. It seemed to have some trouble with my graphics card (Radeon) and fell over with a blank screen. Courtesy of a PC Pro’s cover disk, I used a copy of Partition Manager to split my disk into two 80G partitions. (Worth noting I downloaded the Vista update advisor** application first to check out the suitability of my PC. ) Vista went ahead and allowed me to create a fresh install on the unused partition and provided me with a boot menu to start with either the earlier XP or Vista.

So how does Vista shape up? Much to my pleasant surprise Vista seemed to do a good job of handling my attached peripherals. My Canon printer installed automatically, but I needed a new driver for scanner. The only item currently refusing to work properly is my Dell X50V. It’s password protected and refuses to accept the known password? Otherwise everything just seems to work. I’ve not installed all of my applications yet and know from the Vista advisor some like Nero 6 won’t work. So there’s probably a few more hours of work yet. What I can report is whilst the appearance and look and feel is pretty slick. The machine feels noticeably slower when compared to booting and running XP. Roll on SP1 I say, hoping this might speed things up. I’ll write a follow up when I’ve had a bit more time to play.

** Vista Advisor can be found here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/windowsvista/buyorupgrade/upgradeadvisor.mspx

How to dual boot: