Well I’ve had this a few weeks now and am pleasantly surprised. Bought as a refurbished model to save a few pounds. It’s a couple of generations old now but still takes appears to take a decent picture. I must say I’ve rather taken to Fuji camera’s . This one boasts 6.3Mega Pixel resolution with a high sensitivity sensor allegedly capable of taking good shots at higher than average ISO settings. There’s little I can probably add beyond what’s already been said in dpreview, dcresources etc. But a few observations: It’s very fast to starting up and take a picture. Be aware it’s got a slightly unusual arrangement for PC connection and battery charging in the form of a small interface box with single connector. The battery is huge and looks like it should be good for many shots. So no spare, needed. I’ve taken a few indoor shots set to ISO400. Results aren’t at all bad. Seen a bit of purple fringing on a couple of the outdoor shots (in truth seen similar on my S5600). Still for £59.95 + P&P I’m not complaining! Macro example below: