As promised in my earlier post a few words about said DAB Radio. Well the good news is the sound is pretty impressive, quiet punchy bass with perhaps less detail at the higher frequencies. Still it’s probably reasonable by small radio standards. Reception seems more than adequate on DAB using the combined DAB/FM telescopic aerial . (I’ve my unit next to a window on the ground floor, probably the hardest place in the house so far as it’s on the ground floor.) Now the bad news, the radio is mains powered and uses a stonking 7W when in Standby! Imagine a 1 million of these just left plugged in. What an earth does it need 7W when it’s off (and hardly any more when on!) . Not good enough today I’d say. (Out of curiosity I measured a standard Sony FM Radio/Alarm clock: a much more sensible 2W) The other bad news it there’s slight mechanical transformer hum. But masked when the unit is playing. Not quiet bad enough to return? I bet others do the same.

Summary – Overall though I like it, good sound DAB for all those new stations. Just a shame I have to turn it off at the mains 😦 Best price around today is PC World , at £49.95 Beware I bought mine in Currys for £10 more but they kindly refunded.

A few other points, the radio is mono only, there’s no external aerial socket.

The USB socket on the front panel  enables you to insert a memory stick with mp3 tracks on and play them. A reasonable substitute for a CD player I guess at minimal cost. You obviously need to ‘rip’ your CD’s first.

Update 20 October 2007

I’ve written to Currys and they’ve suggested to return to the store for checking. Well I’ve returned and have a second example . I must I didn’t get the impression that the store are going to examine in detail. Still the good news, the replacement has much less hum/noise. Maybe the first one was slightly out of spec? The unit consumes 6W as opposed to 7W but again it’s the same when ON or in Standby!