Surely not I ask myself, but my Zyxel P336M has stopped working! This one’s a replacement, the first failed (or did it?) with similar symptoms. First intermittent disconnects then finally no communication at all with the PC. All lights on the router flashing. Well turns out a full ‘factory reset’ has returned the unit to working order. (Hold the reset button in for 40 seconds after reapplying the power). Trouble is no clue as to how or why the unit got into this configuration. Perhaps resetting every 3 months makes a lot of sense?

Sadly this tale has taken a another ‘twist’. Only hours after the apparent fix (by factory reset) the self resets, started once again. On further discussion with Zyxel it does in deed sound as if it has a hard fault. It’s on its way back today. I’ll keep you posted.

Update 14/10/07 – the unit has been returned and diagnosed to have a faulty power supply. Evidently the supplier has now been changed.