Made my annual trip to Heathrow to hear the best in 2 channel hifi. Today was trade only, 22nd and 23rd Sept it’s open to the public. Details a bit tricky to find so here’s the link

A number of the usual suspects exhibiting including Naim, Proac…, but some with poor music choices in my humble view. So hard to tell how all the products sound. My tip , check out the Bosendorfer range at the AUDUSA & CO stand, something special going on there. Check out Astin Trew for some good value products. Aeon are demonstrating a compact product with a single full range drive unit by Jordan. Interesting if maybe not 100% accurate? The new ‘Tiny’ Usher was producing some prodigious bass from a small cabinet. Worth a visit but only if you looking at true high end sound equipment.