Had a fascinating chat with Paul Brinklow of http://www.psionflexi.co.uk/ fame. Paul redesigned the LCD Flexi PCB that can fail in the Psion 5mx machine. To date Paul has repaired thousands of machines and they still keep coming in! So once more this raises the ‘old chestnut’ . Is there still an opportunity for a new machine that bases itself on the clamshell design of the 5mx? Clearly for so many to be still in use today, there’s obviously something just right about the format and specifically the quality of the keyboard unit. We are both reminded of course that the success of the product was due to a combination of factors, a clever mechanical design married to an elegant software platform that just worked. To boot, it runs for many hours on a pair of ordinary AA cells. Of course any new offering has the challenge of what operating system and application suite to put on such a machine. There have been some attempts to build a Linux distribution, but the momentum for the 5mx as an obsolete product I guess isn’t there today. Apart from EPOC is there anything else that could offer the same user experience today? Comments welcome.