Just received this morning. An allegedly new HP photo printer for the sum of £17 incl. postage and packing. Any good you might well ask? Well I’ve avoided these small printers for fear of media costs. When I need prints I usually use one of the online services such as Bonusprint or Jessops. I’ve seen some impressive results from Photobox although possibly a little more expensive than the former.

In reality this is an old model dated 2005 , I downloaded the most up to date driver from HP’s website as often the supplied CD’s are out of date. (all 185Mbytes of it). Well how does it print? Looks ok at first glance, colours are vivid and results look better than prints made on my Canon i560. Might well come in handy for the odd print. I suspect though that a replacement ink cartridge will cost as much as the complete printer! As a bonus the printer has a built in memory reader and can be equipped with a battery for portable printing at party’s or functions. Recommended if the budget is tight.

See picture below: