I’ve been using the above for over 18 months now. Selected after much ‘head scratching’ as a long time Psion user. I use the Dell daily albeit more as a ‘second PC screen’ rather than a PDA as such. i.e. looking up contact details for example. Sure it can be used on a mobile basis like my old trusty Psion Revo or 5mx. But it doesn’t have the built in keyboard (known) of course or the battery life that the Psion products enjoyed. What it does have is USB, WiFi and Bluetooh connections and a stunning colour display. I sometimes use this just to show others my photographs. Is it a full replacement for the Psion range? I’d say not, it’s lack of an integrated keyboard that let’s it down for me. Problems – there have been a few. The docking cradle connector delalimated after about 15 months. Just poor soldering on this occasion I’d say. Dell didn’t want to know. I had to buy a replacement on ebay. I’ve had some trouble with Activesync too, on occasion refusing to sync. On the whole though the syncing with Oultook just works. Also on the one occasion when I wanted to perform a restore it didn’t work for me 😦

In conclusion a reasonable piece of equipment, it’s fast (624Mhz) and the WiFi works too. An SD slot and CF card slot make for a versatile unit. It just doesn’t rank for me as as true Psion replacement in spite of the better connectivity.

What I like:

– Excellent Colour Screen
– WiFi albeit only 802.11b
– Good range of add on software


– Lack of keyboard but known of course
– Limited Battery life
– Software not as robust as EPOC
– Cradle failure
– Active Sync issues

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